Articles in Newspapers, Magazines and Websites


At the on-line newspaper The Objective I write an op-ed every second week since March 8, 2016, as well as other occasional contributions.

Some of those articles have been published as well by the World Economic Forum: Democracy is not what they told you at school and Who was (not) Martin Luther.

Two of these articles have been translated to French at the website SoverainQuatre raisons pour lesquelles l’essor de Vox va se poursuivre (29 October 2018) and La gauche pédophraste (24 April 2019).

I also publish regularly on El Español op-eds that you can see in this page.

The newspaper El País published in January 15, 2018 my obituary about the philosopher Mario Perniola. (A copy with higher resolution can be found here). Also in El País I have signed with other authors the text España en común, España plural (Spain in common, Plural Spain) in April 4, 2016 (here, the paper version of this article).

For the newspaper El Mundo I have written long op-eds on Philosophy is on fashion; is it good news? (you can get an image of the paper version here) and Against Transparence, both in 2019.

I published at the newspaper ABC tris op-ed on the case of plagiarism by the philosopher Manuel Cruz revealed by that very newspaper in 2019, while Cruz was the president of the Spanish Senate.

I wrote op-eds for the Spanish on-line newspaper Vozpópuli between 2015 and 2016. The title for those contributions is Pólemos.

In the same on-line newspaper Vozpópuli I have written as well about the possibility of a “Clarity Act” for Catalonia (23/10/2015), on the different proposals on culture by the platforms of the main Spanish political parties (08/12/2015) at the election of December 20, 2015, on why the so-called “gender ideology” does not exist (24/12/2016) and a kind of manifesto called Against Dialogue (7/10/2017).

At the Global Square Magazine I have a long book review of Rod Dreher’s book The Benedictine Option, under the title of  Religion at the Global Square.

I have a contribution in the issue n. 3 of the magazine mEDium (ED Libros, Barcelona), devoted to the main theme “How to reconstruct the Spanish political right”: It’s the culture, stupid! (2019).

At Red Floridablanca I have published For a Humble Liberalism (14/11/2018).

The online newspaper El Semanal Digital has also published one of my op-eds: Are there five million Communists in Spain?

I have debated about animalism in op-eds published in newspapers like El Mundo-Diario de Valladolid (Freedom and Truth) or Libertad Digital (Classical liberals and the animalist ideology). In this newspaper I have also published obituaries for the philosophers  Roger Scruton and George Steiner.

In number 8 (May 2012) of the magazine Zapping Magazine I published a text titled Philosophizing in front of the TV set, into the section “TV Asessment”

I have also collaborated with the website DRS? No, thanks, with an article on Why the deposit-refund system ruins the idea that recycling is a duty.

For Páginas Digital I have written this short assessment of the manifesto published by Communion and Liberation for the Spanish elections of April 2019.

For the Bilbao newspaper El Correo I have written several op-eds about the Ethics of Journalism: e.g. about the limits of what we are allowed to see in TV or about privacy rights of famous people.

I also published at El Correo an obituary for Richard Rorty after his death in the summer of 2007; an obituary that an academic journal wanted to publish as well some time later

The Peruvian newspaper Expreso published in February 2005 a small reflection of mine about my favorite philosopher, Ludwig Wittgenstein

The cultural supplement Batuecas of the Salamanca newspaper Tribuna de Salamanca gave me the chance to expose some ideas about the relationship between Western and Indian Thought, at the time of the 2nd Spanish Indologist Conference at Salamanca (September 1997).

Under the title Liberalismo progresista (o por qué no es del todo aconsejable apellidar “liberal” a cualquiera que ansíe titularse como tal) you may find my contribution to the Liberal Meeting at the Athenaeum of Madrid in January 2009. Other participants in the same debate were Pablo Casado, Albert Rivera, Ana Torme and Fernando Maura.

I spent some years (2006-2015) as a member of a political party in Spain. One of the results of such an activity were some op-eds that I published in newspapers like ABCVozpópuli, El Mundo-Diario de Valladolid, El Norte de Castilla or La Gaceta Regional (Salamanca). I also translated a text of political content for the online newspaper Rebelión.


Some of my appearances in Newspapers, Magazines and Websites


At the economic newspaper Expansión I have expressed my views on the  increasing power of political correctness at universities throughout the West.

Círculo Holmes, Spanish association of friends of Sherlock Holmes, published this interview about my book Rules. An essay introducing hermeneutics by way of Wittgenstein and Sherlock Holmes.

At the online newspaper El Español the journalist Lorena G. Maldonado interviewed me on sex, thought and culture in the section called “Talk to me about sex”. At El Español as well I have talked about the negative view that the mayor of Barcelona gives about Spanish-speakers in this report by Cristian Campos.

During the CoVid-19 pandemia in March 2020, a group of university professors (in which I was included) published a manifesto at the newspaper El Mundo: We All Must Protect All of Us, encouraging civic responsibility in the face of such an illness. Also at El Mundo another group of professors and intellectuals have published this manifesto In Defense of Elvira Roca in December 2019.

At Páginas Digital I have been interviewed about politics in Spain during its economic crisis (May 2015); the result of the last local and regional elections in Spain and the situation of its Catholic Church (July 2015); the relationship between Islamic terrorism and nihilism (January 2o16); the strengh of constitutional values in Spain (October 2016); on the so-called “gender ideology” (January 2018); and about the political situation in Spain after the many elections that took place in the spring of 2019.

Also at Páginas Digital this op-ed by Fernando de Haro reflects on another article by me about to-day’s question “do we have the right to have any identity we want?”.

At Xataka I have made some contributions to the debates on ethics of AI, on whether we are allowed to rape or kill a self-conscious robot and on whether forbidding or legalizing prostitution in Spain.

I have been interviewed by inBestia on the connection between Jonathan Haidt’s book The Righteous Mind and Spanish politics.

I have contributed to the pamphlet and catalogue of the exhibition by the artist Sofía Rincón The Political Right as Performance, at the Royal Casino of Murcia (February 2020).

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The Objective has also made me an interview as a presentation of my Op-Eds for that digital newspaper.

I was interviewed about ethics and politics, by Vidal Arranz, on the newspaper El Norte de Castilla, on March 2014. (The abridged web version of this interview may be read here). At the same publication, also Vidal Arranz reproduced some of my reflections on whether we are entering a “no sex” society.

At the digital newspaper Crónica Global  I have made some comments on Jordan Peterson’s work, especially in his book 12 rules for life, and on the boycotting to authors due to accussations that involve sex.

I had the chance of enjoying a debate on Ludwig Wittgenstein’s philosophy at the National University of Colombia Radio (April 2012)

I was one of the many founding fathers on November 2009 of the on-line newspaper Factual, whose initial editor was Arcadi Espada

I was among the first 900 signatories, coming from 43 different countries, of the Blois Appeal, who appeared at the French newspaper Le Monde on November 28, 2008 in full-page. This campaign was coordinated by the association Freedom for History

I was interviewed by the Basque newspaper Berria in March 2007 about the ethics of hidden cameras