On July, Thursday 14 and Friday 15, 2016 at the European University Miguel de Cervantes in Valladolid (Spain) we celebrate the summer course “The values of Spanish Transition to Democracy, Today”. Its director is Miguel Ángel Quintana Paz and its deputy directors are Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo and Arcadi Espada.

This course tries to underscore the validity for our current problems, as Spaniards, of the spirit that made Spanish Transition to democracy possible 40 years ago. Among its participants are José María Fidalgo, Hermann Tertsch, Jorge Bustos, Santiago González, Teresa Giménez Barbat, Enrique Calvet, Andrés González, Antonio R. Naranjo, Fernando de Haro and Ignacio Gomá. Inaugurated by the mayor of Valladolid, Óscar Puente, and the President of our University, Imelda Rodríguez Escanciano, the closing ceremony is chaired by the Deputy President of the Parliament of Castile-and-Leon, Ramiro Ruiz Medrano, and the President of the University. This is the complete program of the course.

Here are the recordings of the summer course:

Inauguration, with Óscar Puente (Mayor of Valladolid), Imelda Rodríguez Escanciano (President of the UEMC) y Miguel Ángel Quintana Paz (director of the course)


Arcadi Espada: “Values of the Spanish Transition, To-day”, keynote lecture (chaired by Miguel Ángel Quintana Paz)


Hermann Tertsch, Antonio R. Naranjo and Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo: “Spain, country of the free and equal”, round table (chaired by Vidal Arranz)

Santiago González and Jorge Bustos: “Media and Values of the Transition”, round table (chaired by Roberto Abad)

José María Fidalgo and Andrés González: “The Fight for the Values of the Transition in Present Spain”, round table (chaired by Cristina Ayala)


María Teresa Giménez-Barbat and Enrique Calvet: “Organizing Spain after the Transition”, round table (chaired by Javier Rey de Sola)


Ignacio Gomá and Fernando de Haro: “Rule of Law, Rule of Agreements” (chaired by Francisco Igea)


Closing ceremony, with Ramiro Ruiz Medrano (Deputy President of the Parliament of Castile-and-Leon), Imelda Rodríguez Escanciano (President of the UEMC) y Miguel Ángel Quintana Paz (director of the course)

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